How to Use Hashtag Stack

Having a well-organized and frequently updated hashtag collection can help you save time and improve your posts reach. You can create a collection of hashtags using the tools provided by

Start by creating an account; it’s free and takes no more than 2 minutes.  Click on the “register” link on the navigation bar and fill out the form you will be redirected to.

Register for an account


After creating your account and confirming your email, you can now create collections.

Creating collections

Start by searching for different keywords around your niche. As you select hashtags, they will be added on the right widget.

By clicking on add to the collection, you will be able to create a collection or add them to an existing collection. Our advice to optimize the use of the application is to create a collection of 200-300 hashtags of different sizes:

– 30% from 10k to 100k posts

-30% 100k to 200k posts

-30% from 200k to 500k posts

-10% over 500k posts

To open the hashtag selection widget on mobile, just click the blue circle with a number. To close it and continue to add hashtags, just click on the blue circle again.

Using your collections

After creating your collection and adding hashtags to it, you will have the possibility to go to your account and choose the collection you want and click the button “fetch collection”.

Then you will see the hashtags of the collection, and all you have to do is click  and choose the hashtags you want to use. and click the button “Copy to clipboard”.

Now that you have organized your hashtags, they are available whenever you need them, whether on your computer or mobile. You’ll be able to access your hashtags quickly without having to search for new ones for each one of your posts.