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If you’re someone who:

Then, you cannot afford to skip this page.

Because when I said “tried-and-true”…

I mean it in the truest sense of the phrase.

See for yourself.


It’s the same blueprint I used to grow this page from 20k to 1.6 Million followers.

Before I discovered this blueprint… I was struggling to grow for 2 years.

Around 20k followers, I hit a roadblock.

I just couldn’t grow anymore.

I couldn’t even reach my own followers anymore, let alone worrying about going viral.

After I started implementing the strategies inside the blueprint…

I found out that I was making the same mistakes that every single failed page does:

…and much more that I can’t fit in here.

There was no vision behind any of my actions.

I never looked at the data…

I used to focus on whatever I “thought” was the problem.

In short…

I was playing against the algorithm.

The blueprint changed everything for me.

In a short time…

I went from being a small-time influencer with a page that had no growth… to one of the largest travel accounts in whole of Europe.

I’ve gained 335k new followers in the last 3 months alone.

Not only have I crossed the long-coveted milestone of 1-Million followers but I’ve also earned over $200,000 in revenue from brand deals.

Meet your Instructor

Hello guys, my name is Alberto, I’m founder.

For the past 2 years, our team has been building some of the best Instagram-marketing tools there are.

During our research, we’ve developed in-depth knowledge of how Instagram works and how to use it for growing accounts.

In addition to running one of the largest IG travel accounts in Europe (@swiss), I also run BRAVERY, an Instagram growth agency that manages the accounts of more than 20 brands across a multitude of niches.

As a crucial member in the development and growth of my clients brands, I have experienced firsthand what it takes to drive large engagement to their accounts.

Today you can access the same framework we’ve being using to grow some of our clients accounts to more than 500K followers.

Let me introduce you to the…

instagram growth blueprint

List of Modules

Read on to see what you'll find inside…

In the 2nd module, I provide a list of 20 most important data points that you MUST optimize so that the algorithm pushes you to the explore page.

In the 10th module, you’ll find a detailed Content Calendar. It contains info such as:

  • Number of times you should post in a day
  • The exact time of the day you should upload a feed post, story, reel, etc.

And the best part…

I’ve split this module in 6 sections:

  • 0 to 500 followers
  • 500 to 1000 followers
  • 1000 to 5000 followers
  • 5000 to 10k followers
  • 10k to 50k followers
  • 50k to 100k followers

This means you’ll have a custom checklist and strategy to keep growing no matter how many followers you have. 

This alone is worth the total cost of this guide.

At Hashtag Stack, we’ve cracked the code for leveraging hashtags to gain a huge exposure. Check out Module 6 where I reveal our secret strategy.

One thing the “growth guides” urge you to do but Instagram doesn’t like at ALL. Doing it can reduce your engagement by half… with a significant chance of getting shadowbanned. Avoid it at all costs! (Module 2, Page 13)

A little-known fact about Instagram Algorithm that you can use to your advantage for sending engagement signals to the algorithm (9 out of 10 people who read this are sending the WRONG signals and thus not growing)

One seemingly innocent activity almost everyone does every single day that kills your engagement and reach. (Module 2, Page 6)

A common mistake people make with their display name that confuses the algorithm (Module 4, Page 5)

Head to page 12 of the second module for a proven method to increase the reach of your videos by about 30% instantly.

How to use hooks to keep the scrollers’ attention and increase your reach and number of views (Module 5)

The most overlooked, yet effective way for making people spend more time on your account. If you do this right, the algorithm will notice it and make you constantly reach the explore page and go viral (Module 5)

One foolish mistake that I see accounts make on a daily basis which lowers their reach and don’t let them go viral. (Module 6, Page 9)

Check out Module 9 to learn the steps for getting a verified badge for your account.

Thought of the perfect username but it’s unavailable? In the 9th Module, I reveal 4 methods you can apply if you want to claim an username.

Don’t want your account restricted or permanently banned?

How to package your offerings as a service? How to find companies to pay you for your services? (Module 7)

You won't believe the incredible achievements our students have accomplished in just a few months. Don't just take my word for it, see it for yourself.

The course contains no fluff.

I want you to spend less time learning stuff and more time implementing it.

In the next 6 months, you could own a page with 100k followers that generates full-time income for you…


It’ll be just another new year…

You’d be holding this same phone in your hand setting resolutions for 2023. (even when more than half a year has went by and you haven’t even acted on the resolutions for 2022)


The only thing that stopping the first scenario turn to reality is you.

Yes, you read that right.

I hate to repeat it…

But the strategies inside “The Instagram Growth Blueprint” are indeed tried-and-tested.

This is the exact blueprint I use for my agency’s clients.

So, the only thing that won’t work is you not starting right now.

But I get it…

I understand that somewhere inside your brain there is a tiny voice that is still not convinced…

That part is still skeptical that YOU cannot possibly earn a thousands of dollars from Instagram.

And do you know why is that?

It’s because you’ve never did it before.

And there are probably hundreds of reasons popping up in your head right now telling you why you won’t earn money with this.

And it’s logical.


I’m gonna destroy every twinge of doubt inside your mind whether YOU can make money with this.

How do you ask?

By handing you this…

Exclusive Bonus : The $100K Media Kit

Want to know how your favorite influencers make a living from their passion?

How are they able to close deals and have free merch sent to their homes?

How do they strike partnerships with your favorite brands?

What are their prices?

This document answers all these questions… So you can do the same.

And let me tell you…

This is the same template that one of our clients uses to partner with some of the biggest brands (you’ve heard of them) in the travel industry.

Thanks to this document he was able to generate over $100,000 in 2021.

You will also be able to get an overview of how he charges for his services so you can get an “insider-look” at how the influencer market works.

Value: $970

The sole reason why I included this document is that there are now NO excuses on why someone can’t make money with Instagram after getting the IG Growth Blueprint.

I don’t want you to grow your account and figure out the money-making part yourself.

That makes no sense.

Because this is not a growth guide.

This is a blueprint for you to build a real business.

Depending on the specific need of a client…

To implement this blueprint for my clients’ accounts and manage them, I charge at least $970 per month.

(Inside the blueprint, you can actually see the prices I charge for my services)

Clients happily pay this because they understand that they’re getting returns which eclipses these small fee many times.

They know they’re getting guaranteed results.

That being said…

I’m not going to plant this seed in your head while simultaneously stopping you from reaching this goal.

I want to make this feasible to the level where even a teenager could buy this if he wants.

So, if you want to grow a business on Instagram where brands could pay you even $5000 for a single marketing campaign…

Then tap on the link below to access this blueprint for just 97$.

And yes…

I’m going to initially test this price for a limited period.

There’s a chance that next time you visit this page, the price may have increased tenfold.

So, tap the button below and lock your copy for just 97$ now.


$199 $23


$499 $47


$2499 $997

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Take this course…

Follow the strategies inside…

And in 30 days…

If your following has not grown, send me an e-mail.

I will gladly refund 100% of the cost with absolutely no strings attached.

There’s no way you can lose here.

Here's the results our students got

Here's what they say about the course

“Before reaching to Alberto I was not growing my account. I started using the strategies he teaches, my Reels started getting viral, I got millions of views and hundreds of thousands of new followers!”
Marco +970K
Their secret hashtag strategy is mind-blowing. I was able to get 1171 new followers with just one post. I also grew our company account from 20K to 130K in just 6 months! This is simply the best IG course ever!
Jason +110K
Marketing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this affected by recession?

Short answer:
Long answer:
This is not like your average brick-and-mortar business.
This is an online source of income.
The Covid and the lockdowns accelerated the digital economy by years, if not decades.
Lucky for you…
You’ve found this just when the digital economy is getting adopted by the mainstream.
The way tech has evolved… humans won’t stop using the internet and especially social
media, anytime soon.
In future, when everybody will crowd this space to make money online…
You’ll already have grown too big to worry about the other people.
You’d have a stronghold…
…or a moat, if you will.

Will this work for me?

There is no secret trick or technique in any guide in the world that will help you hack your way to success overnight.
If you’re someone who expects the above, this is not for you.
If you’re someone who is ready to put in 7 to 10 hours of work every single week and follow my strategies religiously then this will work for you.

What kind of support do you offer?

Send me an email at [email protected] & I’ll get back to you asap.

Why Instagram Pages?

Forget Crypto, Forget Dropshipping, Forget Amazon FBA and the so-called hottest trends out there…
Because unless you’ve got loads of cash in your pockets right now… you won’t make enough from them to pay even for the Gas.
In fact, you’ll LOSE money upfront…
…The money which you saved for the rent that is due next tuesday.
Unless you’re someone who is a well-connected person like Gary V…Someone who is “in-the-know” about all the hottest projests out there…
Someone who is loaded with lot of cash and won’t mind if one of your 50 project fails…
Don’t chase after trends.
Trends are just that… trends.
They die sooner than you can even hop on them.
Instead, it’s wiser to focus on building something that LASTS
And most importantly…
Something which doesn’t need a mini-fortune as capital.
With instagram page all you need is 7-10 hours per week and the dedication to follow the blueprint I’m going to hand you.
And don’t forget…
People are addicted to Instagram.
Even the big tech is putting millions and millions of dollars to keep people on this app.
Instagram uses all kinds of AI to determine what kind of content each individual likes…
They track if you liked green posts more … or the purple ones.
They track all your interests to keep you on the platform.
They even track how long you paused over a certain post….
Even if you haven’t engaged with the post.
Now, imagine leveraging all this infrastructure for your benefit.

Does your method really work?

I didn’t buy this blueprint from some guru.
Neither did I “stumbled” onto it accidentally.
The methods and the strategies inside the blueprint were discovered by me after countless manhours spent on analyzing the data for years.
I’ve spent day after day observing minute details about what works… how does it work… when does it work… and why so.
All the strategies inside the blueprint are something that I learned by growing pages for me and my clients.
So, unlike the strategies that you find on the first page of Google…
These actually work on the platform.
As Instagram updates its algorithm more often than it snows in the north pole…
You must keep up with what’s working right now.
So, who better to learn from than someone who works in the trenches day in day out unlike gurus who are focused on doing their 4th “weekly sale” of the month.
And this is not something which worked 5 years ago…
It works right now.
If followed, you WILL see results.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

If you follow all my strategies… and in 30 days, your following has not grown…
Send me an e-mail and I’ll return 100% of your money.

How is this different from other “growth guides?” And if this strategy really works, why are you sharing this with people?

First, this is more of a business guide than a growth guide.
Second, I don’t make my living from selling eBooks online.
I own a social media management and content creation agency.
I work with people wanting to run theme pages and Instagram influencers who want to generate meaningful revenue from it.
This guide is for those people who want to grow their Instagram but cannot afford my services.

Can I see any success stories?

Scroll to the top of this page. Read the first paragraph again.
Then, check out the testimonials section.

My page already has X followers, will this system help me grow more?

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, the blueprint contains custom plans that apply to each stage of your account.

Will this work for my industry?

Yes, this course is applicable to all industries.
From freelance photographers to large corporations…
No matter what industry you are in, this will work for all types of businesses.


$199 $23


$499 $47


$2499 $997