How to Rearrange Photos on Facebook Post?

How to Rearrange Photos on Facebook Post? [Change the Order of Photos]

Facebook allows users to include photos in their posts. When you add multiple photos to a Facebook post, they will display in the order you uploaded them.

However, there may be times when you want to rearrange the order of the photos after posting. Thankfully, Facebook does give you the ability to reorder photos on a post after publishing it. In this article, we will take a look at how to rearrange photos in a Facebook post, group, album, or wherever you have photos in Facebook.

Steps to Rearrange Photos on Facebook Post

Rearranging photos on a Facebook post is easy to do through the Facebook website. Here are the steps to rearrange photos in your Facebook post in 2023:

1. Go to and log into your account if you aren’t already logged in.

2. Navigate to the post you want to edit. This can be on your Timeline/Wall, in a Facebook Group, or on a Facebook Page you manage.

3. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the post.

Three dots

4. Select “Edit Post” from the dropdown menu.

Edit Post

5. This will open the post in edit mode. Here, you will see all the photos you originally included laid out sequentially.

6. To reorder the photos, simply click and drag each photo into the order you want them to display.

Reorder images

7. Once you have arranged the photos in the desired sequence, click “Save” at the bottom to save the new order.

The photos will now display in the new sequence you set each time the post appears on Facebook.

Rearranging While Posting Photos in a Facebook Post

You can also reorder photos when you are first creating the post on Facebook:

  • As you upload multiple photos to a new post, they will populate in the order added.
  • Before clicking Post, you can click and drag the photos to arrange them how you want.
  • When ready, click Post, and the photos will be shared in that sequence.

So, if you know you want photos in a specific order, it’s easiest to do it upfront. But the option to edit the order after posting is there, too.

Considerations When Rearranging Photos in 2023

If you want to move or rearrange your photo album along the timeline, there must be some valid reasons for it. So, we want you to take a look at some considerations before you do it.

  • You can only reorder photos you originally included in the post. You cannot add new photos during the reordering process.
  • There may be a limit to how many times you can edit a post. So avoid repeatedly rearranging photos.
  • Edits made to a published post may not notify all viewers. So, some people may not realize the photo order changed.
  • You cannot reorder photos on ads running on Facebook. The photo sequence will be fixed for any active ads.
  • Videos included in the post cannot be rearranged. You can only change the order of photos.

Why Rearrange the Order of Photos?

There’s a few reasons why you may want to rearrange the photo order on a Facebook post:

  • You want the best photo to appear first. By default, the first photo becomes the thumbnail image that shows in the desktop news feed.
  • You want a cohesive narrative. Rearranging can make a series of photos flow better visually.
  • The main subject or caption is in a different photo. Rearranging ensures the most important person/thing is shown upfront.
  • Improved context. A different order helps the photos make more sense together.
  • Correct mistakes. You may realize the photo upload order was not ideal and needs fixing.

Rearranging Photos on Other Platforms

The ability to rearrange photos after publishing a post is not unique to Facebook. Many social media platforms allow editing the photo sequence on posts:

  • Instagram – Like Facebook, you can use the “Edit Post” option to reorder photos and videos in an Instagram post or carousel.
  • Twitter – On Twitter, click the three dots on a tweet with multiple photos to open an editing window where they can be rearranged.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn also lets you edit the photo order on posts by selecting “Edit post” from the menu.
  • Pinterest – Multiple photos pinned at once can be reordered before publishing the Pin. There is no post-publishing reorder feature.
  • TikTok – You cannot reorder photos/videos after posting on TikTok. The sequence is fixed once a multi-media post is published.

So, several platforms offer this feature, but some, like TikTok, do not. Check if the platform allows editing before attempting to rearrange photos.

Rearranging Photo Order on Facebook Pages

The above steps work for rearranging photo order on posts you make on your personal Facebook profile. But the process is the same for Facebook Pages you manage as an admin or editor.

To edit photo order on a Page’s post:

1. Go to the Facebook Page where the post appears.

2. Locate the post you want to modify.

3. Click the three dots at the top-right of the post.

4. Choose “Edit Post” from the menu.

5. Reorder images as needed.

6. Click “Save” when complete.

So whether you want to change the photo sequence on your own post or a post made on a Page, the editing method is identical. Just navigate to where the post is hosted and follow the steps.

Rearranging Photo Orders on Facebook Groups

In addition to standard posts and Facebook Pages, you can also edit photo orders for posts made in Facebook Groups if you have permission.

To reorder group post photos:

1. Navigate to the group where the post appears.

2. Locate the post and click the three dots at the top-right.

3. Select “Edit Post” from the menu.

4. Drag and drop photos into new order.

5. Click “Save” when done.

The process works the same no matter whether the post shows up in your profile, a Page, or a Group. Just find the specific post and choose “Edit Post” to rearrange images.

Troubleshooting Rearranging Issues

In some cases, you may encounter issues trying to rearrange photos on a post:

  • Cannot access the editing menu – If you do not see the option to edit the post, you likely did not create the post. Only the original poster can be edited.
  • No option to reorder photos – Some photo posts do not allow editing. Videos and slideshows cannot be rearranged.
  • Changes not saving – Try refreshing the page. If that fails, close and reopen the editing window and rearrange photos again before saving.
  • Photos resetting order – This is likely caused by repeatedly editing the post. Limit how many times you change the order to avoid issues.
  • Photo appears missing – Uploading too many photos could cause some to not display during rearranging. Try deleting and re-adding missing images.

If problems persist, you may need to delete and repost the photos entirely in the desired sequence. Contact Facebook support if no user actions fix the issue.


The ability to reorder photos on Facebook posts gives you more creative control over how you display your images. Take advantage of the editing option to showcase your photos in the best sequence, either upfront when posting or later, by updating published posts.

Just navigate to the post, open editing, drag and drop to rearrange, and save the new order. With this simple process, you can optimize the photo flow on your Facebook posts.

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