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Best Instagram Cat Hashtags in 2023 [Popular and Trending]

Cats are one of the most popular pets and Instagram niches, with millions of cat owners and enthusiasts sharing cute cat photos and videos. Using relevant cat hashtags allows you to reach this engaged target audience and grow your feline Instagram account.

But with cat hashtags constantly evolving in popularity, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trending ideas. This is where the Hashtag Stack tool can help you effortlessly discover the top cat hashtags to use in 2023.

In this article, we’ll explore how Hashtag Stack simplifies finding the most popular cat-related hashtags on Instagram this year.

Benefits of Using Cats Related Hashtags on Instagram

Here are some of the main benefits of optimizing your use of cat hashtags:

  • Reach cat lovers specifically interested in feline content
  • Increase engagement from an active target audience
  • Attribution and discovery for your brand/account by cat fans
  • Interact with larger cat community and influencers
  • Highlight cat-related products and services
  • Showcase your own cats or cats up for adoption/fostering
  • Participate in trending cat memes, jokes, and challenges

Tapping into these opportunities requires targeting the right trending niches with relevant cat hashtags.

Finding the Best Cat Hashtags with Hashtag Stack

Instagram Cat Hashtags

Trying to manually research good cat hashtags for each Instagram post is extremely time-consuming. This is where Hashtag Stack provides a huge time-saving solution.

Hashtag Stack is an intelligent hashtag generator designed specifically for Instagram. It sources hashtags from a constantly updating database of over 1 million Instagram tags. This enables Hashtag Stack to recommend the most popular, recent, and trending cat hashtags.

Here’s how to leverage Hashtag Stack to discover the best cat hashtags:

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Account

First, go to and sign up for a free account, which only takes a minute. This unlocks all the core hashtag features.

Step 2: Search for Cat Keywords

Think of related terms like “catsofinstagram,” “instacats,” “catlovers,” “ilovemycat,” etc., and enter them into Hashtag Stack to generate cat hashtag ideas.

Step 3: Build Cat Collections

Save relevant hashtags into collections named after cat-related themes. Create separate collections for kitten posts, cat breeds, cat memes, and more.

Step 4: Identify Top Performing Tags

Hashtag Stack displays real-time metrics like average likes and engagement for every hashtag. Use this data to choose winning cat hashtags.

Step 5: Access Collections When Posting

With cat hashtag collections built ahead of time, you’ll have great ideas readily available whenever you need them for cat-related posts.

Leveraging Hashtag Stack transforms finding the most popular cat hashtags on Instagram from a chore into an effortless process.

Hashtag Stack Features for Cat Hashtags

Let’s look at the most useful capabilities of Hashtag Stack for optimizing cat-themed hashtags:

Huge Up-To-Date Database

With over 1 million hashtags spanning all niches, Hashtag Stack suggests the latest trending cat ideas. No more guessing if a hashtag is still relevant.

Metrics-Driven Analysis

Hashtag Stack shows the current average engagement metrics for every hashtag. This intelligence helps you pick the best cat hashtags to drive more likes and comments.

Viral Hashtags Database

A special database identifies trending viral hashtags to help your cat posts leverage temporary hashtag popularity when opportunities arise.

Custom Collections

Save niche cat hashtags into custom collections around related themes for quick access later when posting cat photos.

Strategic Tips for Cat Hashtag Success

Here are some pro tips for getting the most out of Hashtag Stack for cat-themed hashtags:

  • Search for both general cat terms as well as niche keywords like “kittens,” “tabbies,” “catlover,” “ragdolls,” etc.
  • Create separate collections for your own cats, cat memes/humor, cat breeds, new kittens, cat products, etc.
  • Use a mix of high-volume and long-tail niche hashtags – broader ones for reach and focused ones for targeted engagement.
  • Monitor trending topics in the cat community and occasionally weave in relevant viral hashtags.
  • Refresh your collections weekly to incorporate new and trending cat hashtag ideas.
  • Analyze performance to identify your top Instagram hashtags that resonate most with cat lovers.

Following these best practices will enable you to maximize the value of Hashtag Stack’s cat hashtag suggestions.

Examples of Trending Best Hashtags for Cats in 2023

Instagram Cat Hashtags

To give you an idea of the types of stellar instacat popular hashtags you can easily find through Hashtag Stack, here are some current popular examples:

General Cat Themes:

  • #catsofinstagram
  • #catsgram
  • #catslife
  • #instacats
  • #catlovers
  • #catlife
  • #catsofig


  • #kittensofinstagram
  • #kittensOfInstagram
  • #kittens
  • #kittenlife
  • #instakitten
  • #kittenlove


  • #ragdollcat
  • #mainecoon
  • #siberiancat
  • #persiancat
  • #britishshorthair
  • #bengalcat
  • #siamesecat

Cat Memes and Humor:

  • #catmemes
  • #catmeme
  • #funnycats
  • #catjokes
  • #catcomics
  • #sillycats

Cat Products and Brands:

  • #cattoys
  • #catfurniture
  • #catcare
  • #catfood
  • #catproducts
  • #catclothes
  • #catcollars

Hashtag Stack provides endless excellent kitty hashtag ideas in all of these popular niches that you can use not only on Instagram but on Facebook and TikTok as well.

The Power of Hashtag Stack for Cat Instagram Growth

As demonstrated above, Hashtag Stack offers invaluable capabilities for simplifying catstagram research on Instagram. You can easily build collections of the most relevant, trending cat hashtags with its AI-powered technology.

Having these catoftheday and meow hashtag collections ready in advance saves you time later when posting feline-related content. Suggesting popularity metrics helps you choose the best hashtags to drive more engagement.

Whether you’re a catlife influencer, animal shelter, or pet brand, optimizing hashtags for cat lovers is key to Instagram success. By automating hashtag research, Hashtag Stack provides everything you need to expand your reach and resonance with cat fans.

And collections aren’t just useful for lovecats. You can create collections for any niche, interest, or brand relevant to your audience. Hashtag Stack transforms Instagram growth by eliminating the grunt work of manual hashtag research.

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